an open source, commandline service that securely syncronizes your data. Powered by lsyncd, unison, ssh and fak3r.

Think of it as a lightweight commandline version of Dr0pb0x that gives control back to you; the user and owner of the data.

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Using realtime aspects of the operating system, lipsync's backend, lsyncd, ensures your files are synced immediately via unison, with the response you've come to expect from a *cough* closed source, proprietary solution. Once you have it working you can...


Since lipsync is open source, it's simple to add to and extend its functionality. What else would you want a sync'ing script to do for your files? Whatever it is, it's likely pretty simple to add to lipsync. Take a look at the code and then...

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Lipsync would be nothing without open source, and open source would be nothing without users. See something you want improved? Add it and share with the community, understand something better than others? Offer your expertise and help us make lipsync better!