A famous scout!" "Come off it!" "This man will soon be awarded the Hero's Star.
The enemy had gone to ground."Over the past months, the spooks haven't hit a single column, a single vehicle!Some were skinned alive, and the skins were hung out to dry in the sun in the market place for premio bontà friuli venezia giulia 2017 all to see.Even the shopkeepers in Kabul, warming food on primus stoves, would alfonso antonini pittore premio cimento d'oro ask shopping premio fantacalcio sky officers for how long they would be going into the mountains, and wished them well, expressing sympathy.Yepimakhov wanted to try, prove himself in battle, under fire, he probably imagined medals and all sorts of feats of valor.Most likely they had spotted the Soviet convoy traveling and then breaking camp from some vantage point, and decided to have.We'll all get ourselves killed with this idiotic agitprop do-gooding!The deputy commander of the company's political section, senior lieutenant Nemilov, never drank his entire glass, always left a little at the bottom.Our orders are to move along here." He poked a finger at a green-shaded section on the map, criss-crossed by roads, like so many veins.And what do we get?
The palace suffered heavy damage in December 1979 when the empire ordered the liquidation of Hafizullah Amin, the leader of Afghanistan at that time.
"Nobody move away from the vehicles!" ordered Sharagin.
The corner of Myshkovsky's lip jerked with a nervous tic.
So the thing is, you see, I promised to bring your general here some milk, you see-" The captain burst out laughing.
It contained a small cluster of shriveled brownish-black human ears.
Back in the command barracks, he spent a long time turning from side to side, bed springs creaking.
The men began to talk of home.Nothing in the regiment had changed over the one and a half months Sharagin had been away.about the same age as me - He kept the spook in his sights.A couple of Mi-24s flew in front, providing cover, greenish-brown-gray camouflaged "crocodiles." They soon caught up with the column, followed the road.It emerged that nothing of the kind had happened."Hey, let me put that away, said his host when he returned.If it wasn't for the war, for those Afghans, it would be so great here!

"Sorry, comrade captain, but that's unfair.
I need bandaging as quickly as possible - He tore open a pack of dressing, but realized that he could not bandage himself properly.
Oleg floundered like a puppy, barely managing to keep his head above water.